Sunday, 20 August 2017

Saturday On The Allotment - Late Summer Growing

St Ives Cornwall Allotment - Late Summer

A sunny Saturday on my allotment - and a real contrast to today's rainy weather - so pleased that I got out there.

More harvesting - as last week more turnips and courgettes - also another nice Summer Cabbage.

Allotment Growing - Summer Crops - Spinach

Also - my first harvest of Spinach. I sowed seed about 6 weeks ago and I'm very pleased with how its grown. Lovely to eat and easy to store in the freezer. I've cut the leaves and left the plants in - so I hope for another picking a two or three weeks.

Elsewhere on the plot I've also sown some Giant Winter Spinach. This is just starting to germinate, so I hope that will grow on and deliver harvests through Autumn. Part of my plan for Autumn and Winter Crops - more on a previous blog post here ......

Allotment Growing - Autumn and Winter Crops

Allotment Growing - Pumpkins

More Pumpkins and Squash are starting to fruit. I should be able to harvest some squash in the next couple of weeks. The pumpkins will be ready for Halloween. Not the best things to eat in my opinion  - but I love sharing them with the local kids to make lanterns.

Allotment Growing - Summer Crops - Sweetcorn

More Sweetcorn cobs are forming - but I really hope we get some sunshine over the next few weeks to help them to ripen. I've given the Three Sisters bed, where these are growing, a good dose of my home made Nettle and Comfrey Liquid Fertiliser. Everything seems t be growing well - so my preparations last Spring seem to be paying off. See my earlier post -

Spring Preparations on the Allotment

Allotment Growing - Sunflower

Finally - in the wildflower area of my plot - my first Sunflower is opening!

More news soon as Summer fades into Autumn in Cornwall.

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