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Winter Growing on the Allotment - Garlic

Winter Growing on the Allotment - Garlic
Winter Growing on the Allotment - Garlic

Garlic is a crop that can be planted in late Autumn or early Winter - in fact it should go in the ground then, not in Spring, as it needs a long time to grow.

The plants are Winter hardy and can grow on through the season.

One old saying goes:
"Plant on the shortest day, harvest on the longest day."

In previous years I've planted my garlic out in November or December - but have had limited success with growing it on. My harvests have been small - with the bulbs often not fully developed and split into garlic cloves.

This may be because of the mild Cornish Winters - I read somewhere that the plants need a dose of really cold weather to help the bulbs to split and form cloves. It may also be because (as ever) - I've been cheapskating - saving money by buying my bulbs from the greengrocers, rather than a reputable (but relatively expensive) seed supplier.

Winter Growing on the Allotment - Garlic - Planting
So last year I decided to plant out early and got them into the ground in late September. I still got them from the greengrocer though - but chose a UK grown variety of Elephant Garlic. Nice fat cloves that I hope will grow well in our weather conditions.

Winter Growing on the Allotment - Garlic - November
By November they had sprouted leaves and established well. I kept them under net cloches to keep the birds off and provide a bit of protection from the Winter weather.

Winter Growing on the Allotment - Garlic - February
Last week I took off the cloche to give them more light and air - ready to grow on through Spring and Summer. I'm hoping for a harvest in June or July. The plants are still small, but looking pretty good. Also - since I harvested the last of my leeks and salsify - the only crop growing, apart from my green manure.

Things are moving on into Spring fast though. I've just ordered my First Early Seed Potatoes and Broad Bean Seeds. I hope to get those in the ground next weekend.

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