Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Spring Preparations on the Allotment - Compost - Part Two

 Allotment Growing - Spring  Preparations
Allotment Growing - Spring  Preparations

Compost is a cornerstone of the allotment - as I've mentioned in previous posts.

This Spring (says feeling slightly smug) - the work I've put in over the previous months will pay off, as I have all the bases covered.

In this and the previous blog posts I've talked about various aspects of compost and increasing the fertility of the allotment plot - including:
  • Compost (see previous post).
  • Manure
  • Green Manure
  • Leaf Mould
  • Bean Trench / Pea Trench
  • Comfrey
  • Nettle Fertiliser
All of these are broadly "organic" methods and use natural recycling to achieve results.

Allotment Growing - Manure
I've been lucky enough to acquire some manure this Winter - which I've stored in my third compost bin - for now. This looks already fairly well rotted - but I'll give it time to break down further. I'll use some in trenches on my planned pea bed.

Allotment Growing - Green Manure - Winter Field Beans
Green Manure
I've grown both Caliente Mustard and Winter Field Beans over Autumn and Winter, The Mustard has died back and been removed to the compost heap. I've also taken out some of the Beans, but will leave the rest in the ground until I'm ready to start sowing new crops in the beds.

Allotment Growing - Leaf Mould
Leaf Mould
I collected this in Autumn and its been breaking down in my leaf mould bin all Winter. This will need to break down further - so I'll leave it where it is until next Autumn. I'll then spread it onto the growing beds - a fantastic mulch and soil improver.

Allotment Growing - Bean Trench
Bean Trench / Pea Trench
I dug a trench back in November and filled it with the leftover stalks and leaves from my sweetcorn, plus some nettles. This will break down through Winter and Spring to help my French Beans to grow when sown in April or May.

Allotment Growing - Comfrey Fertiliser
Comfrey Fertiliser
I was given a couple of plants back in November by a neighbouring plot holder. The leaves will make a good liquid fertiliser. When there is enough growth I will cut the leaves and then soak them in water for 3 - 4 weeks until they break down.

Allotment Growing - Nettle Liquid Fertiliser
Nettle Fertiliser
I gathered nettles through last Spring and Summer and - as with Comfrey above - soaked them in water to make a natural liquid fertiliser. I'll do the same this year.

Allotment Growing - Winter
So - my late Winter preparations are going well and all looking good for Spring.

I can't wait to get sowing and planting.

Next to go in - Early Potatoes and Broad Beans.

Spring is coming!

Allotment Growing - Sweetcorn

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