Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Spring On The Allotment - First Sowings - Potatoes

Allotment Growing - First Early Potatoes
Allotment Growing - First Early Potatoes

On thing that I have to remind myself of every Spring on the allotment is - be patient!

As the weather warms I am always tempted to get seeds in the ground as soon as possible - now!

I've learned from past experience that this does not always pay off. For example - for the last couple of years I've sown peas in early to mid March in the hope of an early crop. Only to be disappointed when they fail to germinate. Wait until April!

Allotment Growing - First Early Potatoes

But - some things can go in the ground now. The topic of how early to sow potatoes is a common source of discussion on the allotment. I get my first earlies into the ground in early March if the weather is reasonably ok. Shoots won't emerge for a good three or four weeks - and can be earthed up in any case - and so protected from any unexpected severe cold or frost.

Allotment Growing - First Early Potatoes

This year I've had a change from my usual favourite variety Charlotte - and have put in Pentland Javelin. Into trenches, then back-filled with soil, a few handfuls of chicken manure fertiliser added and finally a layer of compost.

With luck they may be ready for a first harvest in late June.

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