Friday, 17 March 2017

Chitting Sweet Peas - An Experiment

Chitting Sweet Peas
Chitting Sweet Peas

A couple of years ago I harvested some seed from our Sweet Peas - grown from bought seed - to see if they could be used for future years.

When I did my annual check and clear out of the seed drawer - I found some of these - labelled Autumn 2015.

Chitting Sweet Peas

A couple of years old, so rather than waste time sowing them, only to find they were no longer viable, I decided to try an experiment to see if they would still germinate.

So I tried "chitting" - getting them to sprout before sowing. To to this I placed some damp kitchen paper on a plate, popped the seeds on top, covered with more kitchen paper then sprinkled on a bit more water. I then added a bit more water, as needed to keep them damp, over the following week.

Chitting Sweet Peas

To my slight surprise, most of them did sprout small shoots. So I've now sown them in a container and placed in the porch to grow on indoors. We will see how they get on.

Worth growing for the lovely flowers alone - but I also plant some Sweet Peas with my eating peas - where they look nice but also encourage bees to come in and pollinate the crop.

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