Friday, 17 February 2017

Spring Preparations on the Allotment

St Ives Cornwall - Allotments - February 2017
St Ives Cornwall - Allotments - February 2017

I took a break from website and marketing work today - to get away from the computer and out to my allotment. Really enjoyed it.

I walked out across the fields past Hellesveor and out to the site.

Weather was cloudy but dry and relatively mild - so a good chance to get some work done.

The site looked misty and atmospheric - with cloud rolling down from the Penwith Hills.

Spring is definitely "in the air" at the moment - March is less than two weeks away and I'm continuing with plans and preparations for the new season.

St Ives Cornwall Allotment - Winter
I spent much of the time - in between cigarette breaks and eating my sandwiches - moving more compost from the communal pile on to my beds.

Slightly boring but necessary work - and good exercise.

As mentioned in my previous post - I don't bother to dig it in - I simply dump it on the beds and rake it around a bit. I'll level it off a bit more in March when its time for sowing and planting.

 I focussed on the beds designated for peas and beans this year. Last year they had potatoes which take a lot out of the ground.

St Ives Cornwall Allotment - Winter Field Beans
Elsewhere on the plot - my Winter Field Beans - green manure - are still growing away.

Doing their job providing ground cover and adding a bit of nitrogen to the soil. I'll start cutting these down next month and adding them to the compost bin.

St Ives Cornwall Allotment - Winter - Rhubarb Sprouting
Also - another sign of Spring approaching - my rhubarb is starting to sprout. Personally I hate the stuff, but I know that some people, including Mrs AWASV, love it. So this year I'll take the trouble to harvest it when its young and tender. Rather than chucking most of it on the compost in Autumn as (I confess) I did last year.

I hope to get out to the allotment at least once more this weekend.

Can't wait for Spring and new growing - its been a long Winter!

Need Help ?
If you are new to allotment growing and need any advice - I'm always happy to help - get in touch.
Also - any feedback on this blog is very welcome.

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