Sunday, 15 January 2017

Winter On The Allotment - January

St Ives Cornwall Allotment - January
St Ives Cornwall Allotment - January

I've finally made it out to my allotment after the Christmas and New Year Festivities.

All is looking fairly neat and tidy - like last year I'm seeing the benefit of the work done in Autumn clearing beds and generally getting things set for a new growing  season.

I also still have some crops in the ground.

The weather in Cornwall has been relatively mild as well - which helps.

It felt great walking across the fields and getting out there again.

Green Manure - Winter Field Beans
The Winter Field Beans that I sowed back in October as Green Manure are doing well - providing ground cover and (to some extent) keeping down the weeds.

This will make it easier to clear the ground in March ready for sowing.

The beans will add nitrogen to the soil and when I cut back the plants they will be added to the compost bin.

Winter - Leeks
I still have some leeks growing nicely - but they will need to be harvested in the next few weeks.

When the weather gets warmer they my "bolt" - forming flowers and becoming less edible. The flowering causes the plant to form a hard core.

Leek and potato soup will be on the menu - with stock made from our Christmas turkey.

Autumn Sown Broad Beans
My Broad Beans - sown in October - are looking a bit bedraggled - and need some attention. That is normal for this time of year and they should soon recover as Spring approaches. I've had them growing under a net cloche for protection.

I think I made as mistake leaving them under cover for so long. Some have started to rot in the damp. Should have removed the cloche earlier. Now done and the beans are staked up. Some air and sunlight should help them to grow on.

So - all looking pretty good on Allotment With A Sea View - can't wait for Spring!

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