Saturday, 12 November 2016

Saturday On The Allotment - November Update

St Ives Cornwall - Allotment - November 2016
St Ives Cornwall - Allotment - November 2016

I headed out to my allotment this morning - a nice walk through Hellesveor and over the fields.

The overnight rain had cleared and it was relatively warm for November in Cornwall.

Also - a mention for my lovely daughter - and blog folower - Dorcas.

Today is her birthday - and she is celebrating in London with my other lovely daughter Steph.

Happy Birthday!

Living Willow Structure
I spent much of the time working on my new Living Willow Structure. I'm building a "bender" from green willow harvested from the plot.

This will actually root into the ground and grow on to form a strong willow framework.

More on that in a future blog post.

Leeks - Black Salsify - Mustard Green Manure
Looking around the plot - not much to do in November - after the work I've done in September and October. All is mostly done ready for next Spring.

Remaining crops still growing include Leeks and Black Salsify. The Mustard Green Manure is still growing and in flower !

Brussels Sprouts and Red Cabbage
Also still in the ground - part of my planned Christmas Dinner - Brussels Sprouts and Red Cabbage. These have been attacked a bit - by rabbits or pigeons - not sure.

I may have to harvest these soon and store them in the freezer, rather than harvesting them fresh on Christmas Eve as I'd hoped.

Allotment Crops - Broad Beans
Broad Beans - sown back in September - are growing on well.

Protected from the birds under net cloches.

I wondered whether to uncover them to allow a bit more space to grow. But I've decided to keep them under cover through Winter.

Allotment Crops - Garlic
Garlic - also planted in September - is growing on well - also under the protection of net cloches.

Leaf Mould
Leaf mould - which I've collected though September and October, is starting to rot down in the bin.

Some of it is still in black bin bags, which is a bit unsightly.

But I'll empty these into the bin in due course as space is created.

Allotment With A Sea View - Cornwall
Finally - as this is an Allotment With A Sea View - the sea!

The north coast of Cornwall as seen from my plot.

Winter is coming - but I'm still enjoying venturing out to my allotment - and still plenty to enjoy.

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