Saturday, 2 April 2016

Sowing Leeks In Pots

Leeks Sown In Pots

One small regret / lesson learned from last season is not growing any leeks.

As time sped on and Spring progressed - I simply didn't get round to it.

So I'm putting that right this year.

Leeks need a long growing season - so its worth getting the seeds sown early.

One benefit of this is that they will provide a Winter crop - they will keep on growing after other crops have long been harvested.

Part of my Allotment Plan to this year is to grow more Winter crops - so this fits in nicely.

Some growers use a "nursery bed" for leeks. They need thinning out before transplanting into their final growing bed.

I prefer to start them off in pots - in my back garden where I can keep an eye on them. I've used fairly deep pots so they can grow down well into the soil.

Once they are about "pencil" thickness I'll carefully separate them out and transplant them into a growing bed on my allotment.

They should be ready to go out around the end of May.

Then they will grow on through Summer and Autumn - and provide me with a nice addition to my Winter soups and stews.

Leeks freeze well - so any surplus can be preserved through to the next harvest.

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  1. I started leeks in pots this year too. They were seeded in late Jan and went in the garden here in April. This is only the second time I've grown them, first time in my current garden. They are a time and space commitment but well worth it imo.