Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Allotment Growing - Sowing Turnips

Allotment Growing - Sowing Turnips
Allotment Growing - Sowing Turnips

I like to try a few new crops every season on my allotment - and oddly enough I've never grown turnips - so I'm giving them a go.

Allotment Growing - Sowing Turnips
An allotment staple for many growers - I've considered turnips to be a bit boring. But watching a few cookery programmes on TV has convinced me that sweet baby turnips might be quite nice on the plate. If I grow them to full size they can be harvested and chunked up to add to Winter stews.

I've sown two rows to start with - in the brassica bed on my plot. For crop rotation this is the group that turnips fall into (cabbages etc.) - as opposed to root vegetables (carrots etc.).

Allotment Growing - Sowing Turnips
I scraped out a shallow drill with the trowel - about half an inch deep. Then scattered the seed thinly along the length. and gently backfilled.

Finally I marked out the rows with string and added a dated plant label.

I'll sow a couple more rows at the end of the month and harvest them from late Summer through Autumn.

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  1. Following along ... and have a diary page on my blog called "My Cornish Garden". Mostly a flower garden but you have inspired me to start growing carrots, courgettes and parsnips this year. Best wishes.