Monday, 28 March 2016

Sunday On The Allotment - Sowing Peas

Allotment With A Sea View - St Ives Cornwall
Allotment With A Sea View - St Ives Cornwall

I managed to dodge some of the showers and get out to the allotment for a couple of hours - Spring is here - lots to do - and enjoy.

My task for the day was sowing peas.

Two varieties - Meteor - a first early variety.

Hurst Green Shaft - a second early.

Allotment Growing - Sowing Peas
I dug out two shallow drills - about an inch deep - with the hoe.

Allotment Growing - Sowing Peas
I then sowed the pea seeds in a double row in each drill.

Seeds spaced about four inches apart.

Allotment Growing - Sowing Peas
Backfilled with soil, marked out the rows.

Finally - covered with net cloches.

This will provide protection from birds and other wildlife - as the seedlings emerge.

Allotment Growing - Sowing Peas - Cardboard Tubes
I've also sown some pea seeds in cardboard tubes - at home in my garden.

These will provide some more seedlings - as backups in case any of my sowing on the plot fails - or additional seedlings for some additional rows.

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