Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sunday On The Allotment - 6 Dec - Ideas For Next Summer

St Ives Cornwall - Allotment With A Sea View

Another cold, blustery, rainy, stormy Sunday in West Cornwall.

So today - again - I'm not actually on the allotment - but indoors in the warm and on my "virtual allotment" - the online version.

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So - I'm pondering ideas for the new growing season next year - and surfing around the Net to get ideas and inspiration from some of my favourite websites and blogs.

Next year I want to try a few new crops and new growing methods.

One of my key principles is to grow stuff that I actually enjoy eating. Hence - unlike many allotmenteers - I don't bother with Beetroot or Rhubarb - because I absolutely hate both !

Pic - Claire's Allotment
One thing that I do like - very much - and do not have growing - is Horseradish.

Planting this will also support a second guiding principle - grow things that are not readily available and /or expensive in the shops. Yes - jars of Horseradish Sauce are readily available - but fresh Horseradish Root is not.

Plus - the fresh root is reputedly much nicer - and hotter - than the shop bought variety.

So - this particular idea for next year arose from one of the best blogs / websites / video diaries that I've come across -
Claire's Allotment.

Here are some links to her pages:

Harvesting the Horseradish - Claire's Allotment - YouTube

Claire's Allotment - Blog

Claire's Allotment - Facebook

I'll be featuring more of the best allotment growing websites and blogs in due course.

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