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Sunday On The Allotment - 15 Nov - Autumn Jobs - Preparing Beds

St Ives Cornwall Allotment - November
St Ives Cornwall Allotment - November

A bit of a grim day in West Cornwall - weather wise - but nonetheless I headed out to get some work done. It wasn't so bad once I got out there - at least the rain held off.

Allotment Growing - November Jobs - Compost Bin
My aim this Autumn is to get my plot properly cleared down for Winter and to get ahead with preparations for next Spring. Something that I've neglected in previous years - resulting in more work in the Spring to get ready for sowing and planting.

The main job for the afternoon was emptying finished compost from the bin and spreading it onto the growing beds - cleared ready for next year.

Allotment Growing - November Jobs - Compost Bin
Hard work - but I got the job done and the bin emptied.

November is the time for the messier and less glamorous jobs on the allotment.

But well worth doing - and will pay dividends next year. Also there is not much else to do on the plot in late Autumn.

Allotment Growing - November Jobs - Spreading Compost
I spread the compost onto the beds that I'd cleared over the last few weeks.

I don't bother digging it in - too much hard work and not necessary. I just pile it on from the wheelbarrow and then roughly level it off with the rake.

The "two W's" - Worms and Weather - will incorporate it into the ground naturally over the Winter.

Allotment Growing - November Jobs - Spreading Compost
One of the beds that I covered is earmarked for potatoes next year.

This will add some extra fertility and condition to the soil - ready for the spuds to go into the ground in March.

It should get them off to a good start.

Spring seems a long way away at the moment - but it will soon come.

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