Saturday, 21 November 2015

Autumn Sown Broad Beans - Bunyard's Exhibition

Allotment Growing - Broad Beans
Allotment Growing - Broad Beans

I've decided to sow and grow a second variety of Broad Bean this Autumn.

As mentioned in my earlier post - Autumn Sown Broad Beans - I have grown Aquadulce Claudia in previous years - and sown them again on my allotment plot this year.

Allotment Growing - Autumn Sown Broad Beans - Bunyard's Exhibition
I am also going to try Bunyard's Exhibition this year. Apart from anything else - I love the name of this variety.
Sounds like something The Gaffer would grow in his garden at Bag End in The Shire.

It is also listed in the catalogues as a hardy reliable cropper, suitable for both Autumn and Spring sowing and a grower's favourite for over 100 years.

Allotment Growing - Autumn Sown Broad Beans - Seedlings
I've already sown four rows of Aquadulce on my plot.

I was a bit concerned when I checked on progress last weekend - some of the young plants appear to have been uprooted or eaten - by something.

So - I'm going to sow some "backups" - in pots - kept in a sheltered spot in the garden. These can be planted out in Spring to replace any on the plot that don't make it through. Or just planted out anyway to produce more crops.

Hence - Bunyard's Exhibition - which will serve two purposes - to provide backup plants and to be sown on a second Broad Bean patch in Spring. Also - its nice to grow a new variety - at least - new to me and my allotment.

Allotment Growing - Autumn Sown Broad Beans - In Pots
I part filled some small pots with my own compost from the garden compost bin.

Placed a seed in each pot - then topped up with more compost - leaving the seeds buried at a depth of about two inches. Added a plant label - as always - with seed variety and date.

We currently have a cold snap of weather in Cornwall - so these will go  in my garden shed for now - to give them a bit of extra warmth to help germination.

Allotment Growing - Autumn Sown Broad Beans - In Pots
I've left sowing these a bit late - would have been better doing it when I sowed the allotment bed with Broad Beans in October.

But its not too late - and hopefully these will grow on - in a sheltered spot in the garden - through Winter and into Spring.

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