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Allotment Tips - Sowing Peas - Cardboard Tubes

Allotment Tips - Sowing Peas - Cardboard Tubes
Allotment Tips - Sowing Peas - Cardboard Tubes

Peas are generally best sown straight into the ground.

But it is also a good idea to sow some in the greenhouse - or a sheltered corner of the garden - to get them off to an early start. Also to provide some plants to fill any gaps if seeds sown on the allotment plot fail to germinate.

Peas do not like having their roots disturbed - so while sowing them in pots and planting out may work ok - here is another way.

Start collecting cardboard tubes now - in November - from bathroom tissue rolls, kitchen paper rolls or anything similar. I keep mine in a box in the garden shed.

In early Spring - fill the tubes three quarters with compost - add a pea seed - top up with compost  so the seed is about two inches deep.  Add a thin twig or stick to give the seedling some support - I often use wooden skewers.

Stand them in a seed tray. Water if needed - if the compost is dry - and repeat as needed.

When the pea seedlings are a few inches tall you can plant the tubes straight into the ground on the allotment. This will avoid disturbing the delicate roots, which can grow down into the soil through the cardboard. The tube will bio degrade naturally.

The peas will then grow on and up - give them support from netting or pea sticks - and get an early harvest.

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