Thursday, 15 August 2013

St Ives Allotment - Summer Crops

St Ives Cornwall Allotments
After a slow start to the growing season - due to the exceptionally cold Spring weather - things are now looking pretty good on my plot.

Lots of plants starting to come through. Potatoes are lifted and stored - soon I'll have more crops.

Enjoy the pics - click on each to enlarge.

Allotment - Cucumbers
The first cucumbers are appearing - ready for first picking in a week or two I think.

Allotment Growing - Courgettes
Some courgettes already picked (and converted into ratatouille) - more - probably lots more - on the way.

Allotment Growing - Carrots - Autumn King
Carrots - variety Autumn King - coming on well for an October / November harvest.

Allotment Growing - Pumpkins
Pumpkins starting to swell out - hopefully will be ripe and ready for Halloween.

Allotment Growing - French Beans - Blauhilde
French Beans - variety Blauhilde - flowering nicely.

I also have Firetongue Borlotti Beans growing - slightly behind but flower buds appearing.

Looking forward to the harvest - must start emptying the freezer !

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