Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday On The Allotment - 9 Dec - Winter Is Coming

St Ives Cornwall - Allotment
It was pretty cold - with a bit of watery sunshine - out on my St Ives allotment today. A reminder that Winter is on the way. The Solstice is only two weeks away - at least the days will slowly start to get longer.

So - I limited myself to a brief tour of inspection. There is not really much to do for now - my hard work getting the plot in shape over the last few weeks has paid off ....

Autumn Sown Broad Beans
Pleased with the progress of my Broad Beans.

The tough little plants are still looking strong and healthy - if a little battered by the winds.

Getting their roots down and looking good to survive through Winter and produce some lovely beans next year.

Mustard Green Manure
The Mustard Green Manure is looking somewhat bedraggled.

But I've decided that I might as well leave it in the ground for now.

Its still providing some protection for the soil - reducing the amount of nutrients washed out by the Autumn rain.

I'll probably clear it down in January.

Autumn Sown Garlic
The best news - at last shoots of my Garlic are finally starting to peek through

As mentioned in a previous post - I was concerned as I'd planted the cloves s a bit deeper this year.

Looks like they'll be ok - although the shoots are looking a bit brown rather than green. Time and nature will tell.

St Ives Cornwall - Allotment
My next job will be finalising my planting plans for next year. Leeks, Onions, Shallots and Garlic are in. Also some Peas and of course the Broad Beans as above. Seed potatoes on order for January delivery.

 I just need to work out how best to use the rest of the space - and leave some room for a little experimentation.

Can I get some Tobacco seeds on eBay ??

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