Saturday, 29 December 2012

December Odd Jobs

Blue Skies - St Ives Cornwall - December 2012
After days of heavy rain the skies finally cleared in St Ives late this morning.

I was anxious to get out and do a few small jobs - but decided to do a bit in the garden. Then maybe head out to the allotment tomorrow - weather permitting. The allotment parking area is prone to flooding - so hopefully the break in the weather will allow it to drain a bit .....

Spring Bulbs - Narcissus - Tete a Tete
First - a nice Christmas present - a basket of Spring bulbs -Narcissus Tete a Tete.

A simple job - adding the compost provided to the basket then planting the bulbs an inch or so beneath the surface.

Should look lovely in March - and I knew that if I didn't get them planted today I'd probably stick them in the shed then forget about them until too late !

Autumn Sown Peas
A few weeks ago I sowed some Autumn Peas in pots - as a backup plan if any of the seeds sown out on the allotment failed to germinate or grow on.

These have sat - more or less neglected - in a corner of the garden since then.

Today I finally got around to checking them - and was pleased to see that they are thriving. It will soon be time to move them into bigger pots - ready to go out to the allotment - or to grow on in the garden.

Herb Garden - Mnt
Then onto our planned herb garden on the terrace. Next year I'm determined to have a full complement of herbs right outside the kitchen door - ready to pick fresh as needed and go straight into the pot.

The mint grew well last year - and this hardy plant should survive the winter. It just needed a bit of pruning to remove dead growth and make room for new shoots.

Herb Garden - Mnt
Once I'd tidied it up I could see that new green growth was already emerging.

Its too soon to sow or plant most other herbs right now - but that's another thing to look forward to.

Sage, Basil, more Mint varieties, Mustard Leaves, Parsley and lots more to come.

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  1. We like to have some herbs in pots in the garden as well as planted on the plot as often you can't plan when you are going to need a few fresh sprigs.