Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday On The Allotment - 4 Nov - Tidying Up

A slightly bleak but beautiful day out on St Ives Allotments on the edge of the Penwith Hills. I headed out west late morning into uncertain weather.

Today's plan was to do a bit of general tidying up, sort out and clear one of the beds where I harvested pumpkins last week and check progress on the Autumn sowings.

The skies soon cleared to blue and the sun came out to cheer my mood further. I've not been able to get out on the plot for a week - due to a combination of car problems and website projects that needed finishing.

Both now sorted - for now. So time to enjoy some time out on the allotment ......

First a check on my Autumn sowings. Onions and Shallots slowly getting rooted under the cloches and starting to sprout.

Leeks looking ok and - best of all - peas coming on really well under their fleece cloches.

I chucked in a few more slug pellets as a precaution.

On to the Squash Pumpkin and Peas bed. Peas long gone but a Winter Golden Squash valiantly trying to produce one last fruit. I decided that this was a lost cause and so time to clear the bed ready for Spring sowing.

I hoed and cleared the weeds and raked over the bed to level it. I've run out of mustard green manure seeds - so decided on a different approach to protecting the bed for Winter.

I've covered the bed with semi-permeable membrane - not very pretty but it will serve to keep the weeds down until Spring. Admittedly - another "cheapo" purchase from Poundland - but should do the job.

Heavily weighted down against the persistent west winds that sweep across our site. If it escapes it should end up somewhere in The Scillies - so let me know an I'll send return postage.

An additional bonus for the afternoon - a heavy rain shower coming in from The Atlantic produced the most beautiful rainbow.

A sure sign of hope for the Spring to come.

More news from the allotment soon. Please comment - feedback welcome.

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