Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday On The Allotment - 25 Nov - Rain Stops Play

St Ives Allotment
I headed out as usual this morning for my Sunday visit to my St Ives Cornwall allotment.

A pretty bleak morning - after the torrential rain we've had in Cornwall over the last few days I decided to limit myself to a tour of inspection. The ground was too wet to do much else.

At least we're probably better off than many allotment holders - our site is pretty well draining and there wasn't too much standing water - apart from in the car park - as usual ! ......

St Ives Allotment - Broad Beans
First - the Broad Beans planted at the end of October.

Looking a little bit battered by the wind - but not too bad.

In fact they are almost growing too well - I may have to add some supports soon to help them cope with the wind.

I'll take another look next week.

St Ives Allotment - Garlic
I'm a bit worried about my Garlic - planted way back on 13th October. No sign of it coming through yet - and it should be.

The last lot I planted was sprouting within a couple of weeks. I planted this batch a little deeper than usual - but even so.

Anybody else having problems with garlic ?
Or should I just be more patient ?

St Ives Allotment - Leeks
The Leeks - planted under the net cloche - are looking fairly good.

They need weeding though - a job I've put off for the last couple of weeks.

When we next get some reasonable weather I'll do it - I promise myself.

St Ives Allotment - Peas
The peas sown under the fleece cloche are also growing on very well.

The fleece seems to have done its job - protecting them from the Autumn wind and weather.

Ever the optimist - hoping for a good early crop next Spring.

St Ives Allotment - Onions
Onions - again under a cloche - also looking fairly good.

For some reason - far fewer weeds than there are amongst the leeks. No idea why - I prepared the two beds in a pretty much similar way.

Yet another of those mysteries of allotmenting !

Penwith Hills - West Cornwall
I headed home under darkening and ominous skies.

Yet more rain is due to sweep across Cornwall later today. Give a thought to all those flooded out in Newlyn and elsewhere.

Probably not much more to do on the plot for now - other than keeping an eye on it.

Next job - planning for Spring.

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