Saturday, 10 November 2012

Leaf Mould - A Free Resource

In a previous post I wrote about making leaf mould (leaf mold) from the fallen leaves in my garden:
October - Making Leaf Mould

When I was on one of my regular walks out to the fields - below the Penwith Hills north of St Ives - I noticed just how many fallen leaves there were along the path. Suddenly the light bulb went on in my head - free compost !

There is nothing I like more than free stuff and this was a fairly obvious one.

After that I took a couple of black plastic bin bags with me every time I went out - and filled them up.

These were mostly deciduous leaves - from the trees lining the boundary of St John's In The Fields Church and Vicarage ......

So they should rot down more quickly than the evergreen leaves from the garden (I mean because they're deciduous - not because they grew on holy ground !).

Like the garden leaves - I gave them a bit of a water before punching a few holes in the bags and tying them up.

They are now stashed in a corner of the garden while I let nature do her work.

I'll leave them sitting quietly until next Autumn and then see how they are getting on.

Eventually I'll get some nice leaf compost to use as a mulch and soil improver.

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