Saturday, 27 October 2012

Chilli Pepper - Harvest

Back in May I planted a few chilli pepper seeds in pots in the mini-greenhouse (£9.99 from Poundland Penzance !).

I chose two varieties - Jalapeno as a reliable cropper - Padron (labelled as 'The Tapas Chilli') to try something new. Also - I love Tapas and had visions of looking up recipes and creating some wonderful dishes.

Both germinated ok - but the Padron plants failed to thrive - whether due to the lousy cold weather or due to  a certain amount of neglect on my part I'm not sure. Two of the Jalapeno plants grew on well though  although somewhat "leggy".

Eventually they grew too tall to sit comfortably in the greenhouse - and rather than risk them in the open air I brought them in to the kitchen window sill. I thought they'd benefit from the indoor warmth - plus being right over the kitchen sink I couldn't forget to water them !

They kept growing nicely through the summer and I was excited to see the first little pepper emerge and grow on the larger of the two plants, followed by another on the second plant. The last time that I tried growing chillies I had an absolutely bumper harvest - so I was looking forward to another and considering preservation techniques - pickling, storage in olive oil, drying ??

The plants grew on well - but - that was it as far as peppers were concerned. Lovely decorative plants but not a lot of use in terms of productivity.

So here is my magnificent harvest for 2012. Not sure if I did anything wrong - or was it just yet another consequence of our poor Summer ? Let me know - any comments welcome.

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