Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Autumn Sowing - Peas - Germination

Autumn Sowing - Peas
An update on the peas that I sowed just over 2 weeks ago on Saturday 13th October. I chose Autumn sowing variety Meteor and planted the seeds in shallow drills under a fleece cloche.......

I headed out to the allotment over the weekend - to check progress. Great news - what looks like close to 100% germination and some healthy looking pea seedlings. The cloche also seems to have kept out mice and other pests.

Autumn Sown Peas - Germination
Now I'll just keep an eye on them and hope that they remain pest-free and get well established before the weather gets colder. A bit of weeding will probably be needed as well. It feels great to have something growing on the allotment in Autumn.

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